Our Honey

Our family has been keeping bees and selling honey for over 35 years. Until recently, we have kept our product to ourselves - that is to our Saskatchewan, Canada shelves, but now we've decided to share our goodness with the rest of the Canada.

Our honey farm is a mile from Good Spirit Lake, located in East Central Saskatchewan, Canada, in an area known as the Parkland. Suitably named, this area hosts an abundance of forest land and numerous lakes. The blue skies and clean air, coupled with few people, means a lot of rural room for bees to forage in.
The light sandy soil of our particular region, supports the growing of vast hay crops of clover and alfalfa, arguably the most sought after honey crops in North America.

Howland's Honey grades as 100% White, Canada #1.

To be classified as Canada #1 White honey, honey must have a moisture content of 17.8% or less, fall within a certain colour spectrum, and have been filtered to remove any foreign particles from the product. The process of blending darker honeys with lighter ones to produce a honey which meets the white colour classification is a common practice in the honey packing industry. By making these blends, packers attempt to produce a product which meets all standards of white honey, while incorporating often lesser quality darker honeys. The resulting blended product is acceptable to many consumers, but once compared to Howland's Honey, cannot begin to compare in quality or taste.

Howland's Honey is 100% Saskatchewan produced, naturally white honey.